Specific objectives of the project

Therefore, the main contributions of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • An application of the new symbolic method, i.e., SMT, to an abstract and concrete planning,
  • An alleviation of the exponential explosion in the abstract and concrete planning and an optimization by applying evolutionary algorithms,
  • A new WSC method based on a combination of the symbolic method and evolutionary algorithms,
  • Planning of services executions according to the given real time constraints, using the combined evolutionary and symbolic methods
  • Development and deployment of a toolset implementing the above concepts, and supporting WSC and integration

The results of this project are particularly applicable in areas such as tourism, medical services, logistics, electronic commerce. Currently, the user is obliged to use the autonomous services performing the individual tasks. For this purpose, he must find, and run on their own a number of individual services. The results of this project will enable higher automation of this process, allowing the user to save time currently required to familiarize themselves with various offerings.